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A NU LOOK REMODELING is the business founded and operated by Verne Yates. Several years ago, Verne was Director of Operations for a large manufacturing facility. He was in charge of 220 employees, 6 different managers and 8 different departments: receiving, inventory, production, planning, scheduling, purchasing, warehousing and shipping. Because of all the moving pieces in the company, his position involved a lot of logistics and required an eye for detail. Everything in the company had to line up to make it work. Verne uses his organizational and management skills these days in A Nu Look Remodeling, to make sure home remodeling projects come together successfully.

Wanting to return to the rewarding craft of remodeling work that Verne had known in his younger days, he worked for a well-established remodeling company in the Tacoma area. In that company, Verne had the opportunity to gain a lot of professional experience doing remodeling work, on kitchens, baths, additions, exterior projects, windows, siding and even front porches. Verne worked on all types of homes, including older homes in the North End of Tacoma, some were even pre-1900.

After a few years of gaining more experience in the remodeling business, Verne had a conversation with his boss and they concluded it was time for Verne to go out and start his own business, which had always been a dream of his. His boss gave his blessing to A Nu Look Remodeling and actually helped out, referring jobs when appropriate.

With A Nu Look Remodeling, Verne pays attention to the details of the work and plans the project carefully so it runs like clockwork without downtime. He and his team are on-site everyday working on something, not waiting for that shower door or that special order tile to come in so they can continue the project. When the project is finished, everything has gone smoothly and it looks beautiful, Verne finds it very rewarding. He says “My own words don't always explain it well, but it really gives me a lot of satisfaction to complete a project for a client and know they're extremely happy about it.”

Verne’s remodeling projects focus on the improvement of the lifestyle of his clients and not just on improving the look and feel of the house. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel that makes it more open to family gatherings or an addition to a house for a young growing family, Verne knows how much it means to his client’s home and life. Verne believes "you are adding convenience and functionality to their lives that will be there a long long time. It's really going to make a difference in people's lives for decades."

When he's not swinging a hammer, Verne likes to enjoy the outdoors, especially riding motorcycles. He also loves to spend time with his family and grandchildren.


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